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QuickJack BL-7000SLX 7,000 Portable Car Lifting System

This is just a short review of the QuickJack 7,000 Portable Car Lifting System. First of all I have to say that this thing is pretty awesome! It does cost a pretty penny but I think it is well worth it. This hydraulic lift gives you about 22" of clearance under the vehicle and that is quite a bit of room! I am 5'11 and 250 lbs and I have all kinds of room to move around and work. I was pretty shocked when I first got under my car on this lift system. You can see it in action on my youtube channel. I've used this a few times now on a BMW 335i, Ford Explorer Limited and a F150 pickup with an 8 ft bed and had no problems lifting any of the vehicles. This makes quick work of changing brake pads, rotors, balancing, tire rotations and oil changes.


Here are the specs:

Weight Capacity: 7,000 Lbs. / 3175 Kg.

From Stow to Go in Less Than 60 Seconds

Dual-Position Automatic Safety Lock Bars Engage Automatically As The Lift Rises

Platform Lifting Height (Frame Only) 17.7" / 450 mm.

Platform lifting height (with stacked rubber blocks) 21.2” / 538 mm.

Smallest collapsed height 3.5” / 89 mm.

Rubber lift block position - max. spread 60” / 1524 mm.

Rubber lift block position - min. spread 31.5” / 800 mm.


You can buy this on Amazon using the following links:

QuickJack 7,000 lb lift:

QuickJack 5,000 lb lift:

QuickJack 3,500 lb lift:

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